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Since things went well last year, I'm planning to run a second round of this exchange! I wanted to see whether anyone had any feedback on last year, whether there were things that could have been improved, or that you'd like to see done differently this year. Did the number of requests/offers work well for you? The timeframe? The length of the assignments?

One thing I'm considering is whether to include fanart as an option. If I did so, would you be likely to offer it or ask for it?

Also if you have any thoughts on the schedule, let me know! I'm thinking right now of a similar time-frame to last year - signups in May, with assignments due in July - but haven't set specific dates yet. If adjusting the dates would make it more likely you could participate, I can try to make changes as needed.

And please let other fans of the series know that this is coming up! I'd love to increase the number of people who participate this year :)

You can leave comments here, or contact me at raksuramod at Looking forward to more great Three Worlds fanworks!

Date: 2017-04-08 06:45 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] schneefink
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About the schedule: The Harbors of the Sun comes out July 4th, you may want to plan around that. If assignments are due after that, writers might be distracted, and disappointed if their fic is jossed. If before that, I would have posting at least a week before the book comes out so people have time to enjoy the fanworks before they're distracted by the new book.


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