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Since I fell in love with the world and culture of the Raksura I've been longing to roleplay in said world. So naturally I've been on the lookout for a roleplaying game starring Raksura, but have as of yet not had any luck.

I'm open for playing via e-mail or forum - or blog if anyone is in the mood for that - and had in mind original Raksura characters in a made-up court that has fallen on hard times, possibly having fled from a Fell attack (to avoid having a hundreds of NPCs to keep track of). This can of course be adapted and changed, it's just an idea :)

Not looking for a highspeed game; just a for fun, whenever-participants-have-time kind of thing. I've been admining and playing in play-by-post rpgs and other kinds of rpgs for 15+ years. I have no "demands" on roleplaying experience from my fellow players. Any takers?


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