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There's just under three weeks remaining to get your stories in for the Three Worlds Travelers exchange. I hope everyone's doing well! However, if you do need to default on your assignment for any reason, please don't feel bad - just click the Default button and I'll work on finding a pinch hitter for your recipient.

As it may be getting to the time where people are looking for betas for their stories, please leave a comment here if you're willing to beta, with information about any restrictions - if there are types of work you are unable to beta, time constraints, or anything else an author might need to know. Be sure to include your AO3 name (so that your assigned author won't accidentally ask you to beta their gift) and a preferred means of contacting you, so that authors can get in touch!

If you have any concerns or comments, let me know, and good luck as we all get into the home stretch!
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